for every cassie out there.
Choikang, Max, Bonjour Paris, source:tvfxq, Changmin
A bit late, and not even mine. but this is completely true.

 What should I wish for your birthday my hero??

For the disband rumor,,
Should I wish for all cassiopeia to always Keep The Faith?
No,,I won't wish that..
Coz I know that without my wish cassiopeia will always Keep The Faith..

Should I wish that you'll always together with the other members??
No,,I won't wish that..
Coz I'm not GOD and I know as a human,,someday we will leaveeach other..
But I'm sure that your soul will always together till the end..
Maybe sometimes many of them said that you're too pretty as a man..
should I wish for you to become more manly??
No,,I won't wish that..
Coz I love you the way you are..

So,,what should I wish for your birthday??
I only know one thing..
I only need one thing..
I only wish one thing..


coz your smile is everything to all cassiopeia..
your smile make us strong..make us know that nothing impossible..
coz your smile change my world..

I only wish for you to always smile..
you're smile is my everything..

-Happy Birthday My Hero- "

credits: Netty Cassiopeia


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